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  • Bone broth fat
  • Spuds (agria are great for roasting)
  • Butter or extra virgin olive oil (if you don’t have quite enough broth fat)
  • Rosemary (optional)
  • Salt and pepper
Broth-Fat Roast Spuds


  • Crank your oven up to about 180 degrees (fan bake).
  • Cut your spuds in large chunks, and boil them until they are soft around the edges but not quite mashable.
  • Scrape some Essential Broth fat into roasting tray (add some extra butter or extra virgin olive oil if you are roasting lots of spuds – olive oil and butter both resist oxidation at high heats – so they are a safe option for roasting), and heat it up in the oven.
  • Drain your spuds well.
  • Optional: Toss them through some flour (you could use almond flour if you need something gluten-free) for some extra crunch. You could add some chopped rosemary if you have some handy.
  • Toss them through the hot fat – back into the oven – and roast for about 45 minutes (turning them every 10-15 minutes) or however long it takes to get them perfectly golden.
  • Season.