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Bone broth has long been praised in traditional cultures for its healing ability. Lovingly brewed in small batches, Essential Broth is ancient nutrition for a modern world. We use the best, locally sourced ingredients we can find and we’re passionate about the health benefits of broth, and a food system that benefits people and the planet.

Broth is a gelatinous, nutrient-dense superfood. Easily digested, broth has been used in nourishing traditions the world over to heal and restore gut health. In our modern environment of readily available, highly processed food, and growing rates of chronic disease, broths offer a welcome return to simple, effective, and supportive nutrition.

Crafted on the North Shore in Auckland, New Zealand, using local ingredients and sustainable practices, we are proud members of the Sustainable Business Network . We also make broth for pets! Find out more about Bone Brew and where to buy it from here.